How to Buy the Perfect White T-shirt

White T-Shirt

If you’re a T-shirt person (and quite frankly, who isn’t?), then you’ll know that the white tee is the most versatile, elegant, and widely accepted variant among its T-shirt friends. It’s one of the top wardrobe basics you can have and it seems like it could be easy to shop for one, correct? But with different fits, lengths, and a wide range of prices, how do we navigate all the options out there?

Some people may argue that the quest to finding the perfect T-shirt is a fruitless endeavour because you’re only going to end up spilling wine, coffee, or cranberry juice all over it. Well, here at Navigate HQ, we would prefer to spill a giant mug of coffee all over that thought and bring to your attention the benefits and longevity you can get out of a quality white tee. Plus, we back you. We back you getting through mealtimes and drinking sessions without any spillages. We back you to read this guide, buy yourself the perfect T-shirt possible and keep it looking as fresh as day one for years to come.

What makes a quality white T-shirt?



  • The Classic Length: The hem should graze an inch or so past the tip of the trouser waistband. Test: lift your arms, if you can see the stomach, put it back on the hanger.
  • Long-lined: A longer T-shirt offers a more alternative look and it’s more about how you style it. Be wary of going too long as it can make your legs appear shorter.

Even a subtle difference in the length of your T-shirt can make a difference to the look:

The fit of your white T-shirt and how to find the one for you

Finding your perfect white t-shirt is not just about quality, it’s about finding the perfect fit and style:

  • Classic Fit: Your classic white tee fit won’t cut too tight. It’s loose, breathable, and suits everyone.
  • Slim-fit: A flattering cut for the broader-shoulder type.
  • Skinny-fit: Got muscles to show off? Wear this.
  • Oversized-fit: Think of Kanye, think of Bieber. Think of a longer hem, more room overall and a serving of slick.

Necklines are just as important as the fit:

  • Crew-neck: The most classic and most popular T-shirt neckline. This is a round neck. It highlights the shoulders and chest, making them appear wider, slimming the waist at the same time. If you’re ever stuck, opt for the trusty crew-neck and you won’t go wrong.
  • V-neck: The perfect tee for those with shorter necks. The V-shape elongates the body, however, it also exposes risk to sightings of chest hair. Exercise with caution. If you think it might be too low, you’re probably right.

The best fitted white tee will emphasise your favourite body parts, without drawing attention to areas you may be conscious of. Look at your torso in the mirror and ask yourself what your best attribute is:

  • Arms: If you want to make the most of your arms, make sure the sleeves hit around the halfway point on your upper arm to show off the biceps and triceps.
  • Pecs/Shoulders: Aim for a slim-fitting style that skims through this part of the body, leaving enough room for air to breathe. You don’t want it to be too tight.
  • Abs: Aim for a slim-fitting style that skims through this part of the body, leaving enough room for air to breathe. You don’t want it to be too tight.

How to style a white T-shirt

What is so special about a white t-shirt?

It enhances and provides the typically masculine silhouette of broad shoulders and narrow waist. Essentially, if you’re a gym-goer, wear a white t-shirt; if you’re skinny, wear a white t-shirt; and if you’re carrying some extra weight, wear a white t-shirt. You get the point.

White T-Shirt

Wear your white tee with an open shirt and dark jeans; Layering is an art and the white tee should be the canvas.

Tucked in white tee and trousers: Smart-casual dress codes are difficult waters to navigate. Let the white tee be your captain. Team this timeless look with some classic sneaks

White tee and suit: Your weekend look can put an appearance during the week too. Team a soft, quality, white cotton tee with a well-cut dark suit and you’ll be feeling as smooth as peanut butter (unless you like it crunchy).

White tee and denim jacket: Easy-to-wear and classic. Pair with jeans in a contrasting colour to the jacket.

White T-Shirt

For such a seemingly ‘plain’ item, the perfect white t-shirt sure does make you stand out. And through some dark magic, it will flatter your body shape, brighten your skin, and bring out your eyes. The White T-shirt is a wardrobe staple but it makes a statement. It will make you both nonchalant and exceptional. The perfect crime.

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