Perfect pair of jeans: An insider’s guide


You can never go wrong with a pair of denim jeans. Whether you are dressing up or down, knowing exactly what style of jeans fit your body type will unlock a whole new world of fashion possibilities. From black skinnies to wide-leg bottoms, being comfortable is as important as being stylish. Knowing what jeans to pair with what outfit and for what occasion can also leave many of us stumped. Body shape, lack of style ranges in-store and mere confusion around fabric fits is enough to put a man off for life. Fear not, however, we have you covered with our insider’s guide to buying the perfect pair of jeans. Follow these two simple steps and before you know it, you will be a denim jean expert.

Step 1: Understand the different styles of jeans


Most commonly, there are five different styles of jeans. Usually, the style of jeans can be found on the label around the waistline – lookout for this. The styles that follow normally refer to the shape around the legs of the trouser so bear this in mind. 


  • Loose fit: This style offers a baggy look, giving quite a bit of breathing room for your thighs and calves. The loose fit looks even better if the areas around the knees are slightly shredded.
  • Slim fit: The perfect fit for your waist and legs. They are usually low-cut and sit comfortably on your waistline. At the leg of the jeans, the shape is narrow.
    Skinny fit: Ideal for those wanting to show off their leg muscles, skinny jeans are the way to go. The tapered leg and tight fit around the waist, thighs, calves and ankles.
  • Regular fit: These jeans are straight-legged and mid-rise. The regular fit does not carry much shape, falling straight down from the knee to the ankle.

Picking out the perfect pair of jeans goes beyond merely knowing the different styles. Moreover, you also need to understand the difference in sizing and rise of the jeans. The rise refers to the space measured from the top of the waistband down to the crotch area of the pants. For men, there are four common rise types. We break them down here for you.

Rise Types

  1. High rise: These jeans are ideal for men with a bigger build. Wear them above your belly button and best with a T-shirt untucked. 
  2. Mid-rise: If tucking in your shirt is your thing, go for the mid-rise jeans. The waistband falls in line with your belly button. 
  3. Low-rise: For a relaxed look, opt for the low-rise cut. They are more casual and usually sit below the belly button.
  4. Low-crotch: These jeans are worn quite low on the waistline and are known as a “drop-crotch” style. There is room around your hips and behind. 

Step 2: Jeans for your body type


Knowing your body type will better assist you with choosing the best style of your perfect pair of denim. Now that you understand the difference in style and sizing, it is time to choose the perfect pair of jeans for your specific body type. 

Slender men

  • Characteristics: You have a thin frame and a light body build. Your chest and stomach are flat, and your metabolism is naturally fast. 
  • Perfect pair: Regular-style jeans that are low-rise. This will complement your thin body shape and give your frame the necessary volume.  

Lean, muscular men

  • Characteristics: To fall into this category, you will be quite athletic and have a defined muscle tone, but not overboard.
  • Perfect pair: Two styles of jeans will work well here, namely the slim fit and low-rise. Show off your athletic build without appearing too bulky.

Heavy-built men

  • Characteristics: The gym is like your second home. Leg day is your favourite on your workout schedule, which means you have strong, defined, built-up thigh and calf muscles.
  • Perfect pair: To show off these toned leg muscles, go for regular fit jeans. This way, your legs will have enough room to breathe but will still look defined. 

Broad men

  • Characteristics: Your hips will be fairly broad and are usually wider than your waistline. Choosing a pair of jeans that are comfortable and not too tight around the waist can be somewhat of a challenge. Never fear, however.
  • Perfect pair: There are two types of jean styles to go for, namely regular and loose fit jeans. Regular fit ensures a consistent shape from your waist to your ankle. On the other hand, loose fit will provide more comfort and is a good way to go for a casual style.

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