Time and tested style rules

Style Rules

Style is personal. It’s individual. It’s there to be translated in many different ways by very different people. That’s how it evolves and that’s why we love it.
In such a digitised and fluid world, rules and regulations are few and far between. That is how it should be. Therefore, the only fashion commandments still carved in rock are those not subject to trend or taste. They are the keystones to getting dressed in the morning, to building a great wardrobe and to be feeling comfortable in your clothes. These are how your clothes are to be worn, as told by the makers who love them.
Navigate Fashion presents our top style rules below.

Quality over quantity

Buy the best quality you can afford. Be sure to focus on quality over price, however. Always look at the material. Buying quality clothing can sometimes feel like an unnecessary and frivolous expense and it can be hard to justify spending money on more expensive items. But investing in a decent wardrobe will pay off. Cheap clothing can be costly when you consider cost-per-use and your jumper falls apart after a few washes

Comfort is key

Comfort Sweater

You know when you see tiny dogs dressed up as penguins? Or micro pigs in a tuxedo? Yes, it’s very cute. But then the camera zooms in on their little faces and bless them, they look as comfortable as an Eskimo in a sauna. You don’t want to be that Eskimo. Or that micro pig. Regardless of how good something looks on someone else, you need to feel confident in your outfit choices. Make sure you try things on properly, especially if it’s an investment piece. If you’re unsure, buy something with a little bit of wiggle room as you can’t alter clothing that’s too small.

If in doubt, dress up

We’ve all been there. That looming wave of fear turning of up to an event, wondering if you’ve misread the dress code or whether a last-minute email cancelling the superhero theme has gone to your spam folder. If you’re ever in doubt, it’s always better (and more respectful to the host) if you overdress. Plus, who doesn’t want to be the best dressed in the room?

Versatility is the spice of life

The more the items in your wardrobe go well together, the more use you’re going to get out of them. Try to stay away from anything that’s completely single-purpose, with one or two unavoidable exceptions like a suit. This allows you to mix and match and get more mileage out of individual pieces.

Classics will last

Classic Suit

It’s great to develop your own unique slant on things. In fact, we’d say it’s vital. But if you want something that really has stood the test of time, that reliant robin in your wardrobe to turn to when you just want to throw something on…get yourself a few old faithful’s. A crisp white shirt, trench coat, a well-cut suit, dark denim jeans and a cashmere sweater are some wardrobe-essentials.

Creases and crinkles are not your friends

Get familiar with your iron if you haven’t already. An iron with a steamer is even better. Neither are expensive, but they make your clothes look as much. Casual dressing is not an excuse for looking sloppy and wrinkled.

Look after your clothes

Read the labels. Understand how often and how to wash certain items. Some of it may surprise you. Don’t scrimp on a trip to the dry cleaners just to save a bit of money. You’ll inevitably lose out in the long run when your cashmere jumper turns into your dog’s Christmas outfit or your white shirt develops a dodgy shade of beige.

Don’t be scared of bright colours

Suit Bright Colour

Ever wondered how an outfit just works and you can’t figure out why? Often, the subtle use of bright colours makes everything pop. Adding a new colour to the mix – a colourful shirt with your jeans/trouser mix; a bright jumper underneath your jacket; even a punchy watch strap can make a huge difference. There’s no need to switch your style entirely to freshen things up.

Accessories are important (but don’t overdo them)

Think about having only one or two points of interest in accessories. You’re looking for an air of nonchalance rather than that bedraggled Jack Sparrow vibe. Ties and pocket squares will bring individuality to classic clothing and add a welcome injection of colour. You can never go wrong with a good watch but avoid chunky sports watches with suits. If you think you’re wearing too many accessories, you probably are. Less is more in this instance.

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