Top 7 shirts for the modern man

Knowing what shirts to buy can be somewhat challenging. Given the wide variety of choices when it comes to material, cuts and strange terminology, it can be daunting to the untrained eye. To ease you into the world of collared shirts, we’ve rounded up the top 7 collared shirt designs that can be worn on a variety of occasions. Understanding the basics will equip you with the necessary tools to walk into any room feeling more confident than before. Whether you are a seasoned stylist or fashion rookie, looking the part is what will ultimately set you apart from the crowd. Knowledge is power after all.

Cutaway Collar

Spread Collar Shirts

Otherwise known as the Windsor collar, the cutaway collar is cut at a sharp angle. This leaves room for a thicker tie knot, making more of a statement than other styles. The cutaway collar is a breakaway from the traditional pointing downward collar and was initially intended for the Windsor knot (hence the nickname). With the collar points angling further apart, the cutaway collar can also be worn with a classic bow tie.

Best feature: The collar’s wide-angle creates a sense of dominance and assertiveness.

The occasion: Can be easily worn to the office and formal gatherings, such as weddings.

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Point collar

Point Collar Shirts

The point collar, or forward point collar, gets its name from the distance between the respective collar points on the shirt. In theory, the length in collar points is considered to be less in comparison to other collar styles. The point collar is classic. It doesn’t push any boundaries and makes less of a statement. If you opt for a point collar with a small spacing in between, make sure to go for a slim tie.

Best feature: A classic, traditional, what you see is what you get-kind of collar.

The occasion: Perfect for everyday wear. A great starting point when it comes to evolving your style.

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Band collar

Band Collar Shirts

Sometimes less is more and with the band collar, this is the case. The band collar is not your typical collar. In essence, there is no physical collar on this shirt. It is simply a band of material that circles the neck. Button it up – for a more smart casual look, especially when paired with a blazer – or left open. Usually, the collar rests under two inches so that it doesn’t direct unwarranted attention to your chin.

Best feature: The lack of a collar, in itself, creates a major statement.

The occasion: Pure casual, plus fit for vacationing.

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Button-down collar

Button Down Collar Shirts

Despite its preppiness, the button-down collar shirt is a must-have for any man’s wardrobe. Seriously. Because of its low-key style, this particular collar can be worn as is, without a tie. But, even if you are keen on dressing up, a tie will work equally well. (It’s safe to say that the myth about not wearing a tie with a button-down collar is busted).

Best feature: The buttons, of course.

The occasion: Can be worn to both casual and formal functions, depending on how you wear it.

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Pin collar

Pin Collar Shirt

If a smaller knot in your tie is more up your alley, go for the pin collar. Basically, a thin pin is needled through two holes on each collar which is then secured by two studded screw tops. The purpose of the pin is to lift the knot of the tie so that a slight arch forms underneath it. The pin also holds the tie knot in a firm position. 

Best feature: Customising the pin is a great way to subtly accessorise your outfit.

The occasion: Ideal for both semi-formal and formal outings. The pin’s bar offers a luxurious feel to the collar; an elegant accessory in itself.

Spread collar

Spread Collar Shirt

Another household classic, the spread collar is best worn with a full Windsor knot. The perk of the spread collar is that it was specifically designed to complement the shape of your face. A variation of the spread collar is the semi-spread, where the spacing between the collar points isn’t as wide. This is ideal for someone with a slim face and lengthy neck, and works well with a chunky tie knot.

Best feature: The upside-down V-shape it creates under your chin.

The occasion: Dressier social gatherings.

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Wing collar

Wing Collar Shirt

To describe the wing collared shirt as fancy is an understatement. It is known for its classiness and is often worn with a tuxedo. Take it a step further and wear it with a cravat. What makes the wing collar grander than most is how its miniature wings gently lie on the cravat or bow tie. Opulent, you say?

Best feature: The neat wings.

The occasion: Black tie events.

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Now you should know what shirts to buy for which occasion. What’s your favourite shirt design? Let us know in the comments section below.

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